“He hasn’t been able to eat - without surgery he will die.”

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In Yemen, there is a young child who was born into the unforgiving world. A world without food, clean water, or shelter. He has gone without nutrition for so long that his intestines are damaged and he needs surgery. His mother can’t afford the surgery or medication he needs to live. She prays for a miracle.

“You can hear his pain in his cries. They break my heart. He is suffering like no child should. If we cannot find help quickly, I pray that Allah takes him quickly, so he doesn’t have to suffer.”

Mukaram Marwan Aklan was born weighing 9lb, which is a very healthy birth weight for an infant. However within the first month, his weight dropped to just 4lb, a dangerous weight.

“He would vomit anything he ate. Something was wrong - my baby was sick and couldn’t eat or drink anything. We took him to two doctors.”

The problem was an intestinal obstruction. His digestion was completely blocked and he needs surgery.

There’s one major problem:

“We don’t have the money for the surgery. I don’t know what to do.”

This is an urgent matter. With Mukaram’s father injured and unable to work there is nobody to save this child. We’ve already donated what we could for food and medicine, but we need your help to accomplish the rest.

It’s worse than just needing surgery. After Mukaram has been operated on he needs a safe and sanitary location to recover.

They have nothing. We can help.

He will need food, nutrition, and shelter until he is completely stable.

Right now, the family doesn’t have any of that.

“We have nothing. No home or food or shelter. We have already sold our gifts from our wedding and our inheritance. We have given everything to fix our baby. Now he will die anyway.

If we all come together we will save Mukaram’s life.

Any donation (even just $5) will provide this family and Mukaram with the necessary surgeries, food, medication, and shelter.

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Nothing brings us greater joy than connecting and empowering Muslims from across the world. It’s what we do, and our entire foundation revolves around it.

This is why we’re pleased to be partnering with Pure Hands, an organization that delivers humanitarian aid to Yemen. This includes alleviating poverty, providing economic opportunities, and delivering emergency relief.

Now you can connect with those around the world, and empower them to change their live. By combining the infrastructure of Pure Hands with the passion and love of UMMA, we can accomplish anything..

All funds raised will be distributed directly to this beneficiary, their family, and programs which help others in need.

All of this is only possible because of your contribution, skills, connections, and energy. With our two organizations working together for the greater good, we can change the world.